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Summer road trip? Quarantines are crimping some US travelers

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Families trying to squeeze in a summer vacation before school starts better do some homework on COVID-19 restrictions before loading up the minivan.

The web of state and local quarantines is growing more tangled by the day: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have ordered visitors from a whopping 34 states to quarantine for 14 days. Chicago and Washington, D.C., have each singled out travelers from about two dozen states. Other states have their own lists. Some have an option for visitors to get tested instead.

“Complicated doesn’t begin to describe it. I feel sorry for people. They just want to go to Cape Cod. They want to go to Vermont. I don’t know what to tell them...

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31 workers at 4 Bay Area Costcos are infected by COVID-19; stores stay open

Health officials are investigating after 31 people who work at four Costco stores in Silicon Valley contracted the coronavirus.

It’s likely those infected contracted the virus not at Costco, but elsewhere in the community, Dr. Marty Fenstersheib, the Santa Clara County COVID-19 testing officer, told reporters.

A preliminary investigation indicated that Costco has complied with social distancing and other health and safety protocols in areas for customers; officials did, however, make suggestions on improvements to employee-only areas.

None of the Costco stores have been closed, and inspectors found the stores to be clean and found people inside to be wearing masks and practicing social distancing, Fenstersheib said.


“We feel like they are following guidelines...

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COVID-19: Challenging Colorado’s Ban on Arcade Games, Jukeboxes

Bob Burnham is frustrated. The owner of Paradise Pinball & Amusement, Burnham is president of Colorado Amusement and Music Operators (CAMO), an organization recently formed to fight a de facto ban on arcade games and jukeboxes in the state’s bars and restaurants, put in place as part of the attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19. Burnham is sympathetic to this goal, but he also sees an uneven application of restrictions that’s put his business and others like it in danger of extinction.

“It’s almost like they’ve attacked our industry really hard,” he says. “You’ve got the state running lottery terminals in all these gas stations, you’ve got Redboxes where you can rent a video. But we can’t turn on our games.”

The guidance for restaurants and bars contained in Public Health Order 20-28, w...

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Ocean City expected to mandate masks on boardwalk

Ocean City on Friday is expected to mandate face masks on the boardwalk of the Maryland resort.

The move coincides with a new state mandate to wear masks at outdoor events.

At 5 p.m. in Maryland, masks will be required not only at outdoor events where social distancing isn’t possible but also inside public buildings.

Ocean City’s requirement for masks would start at 5 p.m.

Bethany and Rehoboth in Delaware already require masks to be worn.

Town leaders began meeting at 10 a.m.

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After 250 years, Esselen Tribe regains a piece of its ancestral homeland

After 250 years, the Esselen Tribe of Monterey County is returning home.

A $4.5-million land deal, brokered by Portland-based environmental group Western Rivers Conservancy, will return a 1,199-acre parcel of wilderness along the Little Sur River to the tribe in the name of conservation and cultural resilience.

The transfer will mark the first land returned to the Esselen since they were displaced centuries ago.

In 1770, Spanish colonists gathered up the Esselen, whom they considered “neophytes and heathens,” said Tribal Chairman Tom Little Bear Nason, and forced them to convert to Catholicism.


“This is the center of our universe,” Nason said of the land. “We are so incredibly empowered to return to the actual birthplace of our people.”

Although the parcel ...

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John Bailey Won’t Let COVID-19 End Marijuana Diversity Conversations

This year may be viewed as one of racial and social reckoning, but Colorado’s cannabis industry was going through growing pains well before protests erupted in Denver. After more than six years of retail weed, minority communities are still working toward more seats at the table, with surveys showing that about three out of four cannabis businesses in Denver are white-owned.

With no formal past around the plant, John Bailey seemed like a newcomer to the cannabis social equity conversation last year after founding the Black Cannabis Equity Initiative, but the longtime political consultant has experience with public policy and social change, working for former Mayor Wellington Webb, Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign and the University of Colorado Boulder student government before moving...

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The Latest: Clyburn calls on Trump for national virus plan

LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is postponing some planned measures to ease the lockdown because coronavirus cases are on the rise for the first time since May.

The government is scrapping plans to allow venues such as casinos, bowling alleys and skating rinks to open on Monday. A plan to allow a limited number of fans back into sports stadiums is on hold.

Johnson says the measures will be reviewed after two weeks.

He says a rule requiring face coverings worn in shops and on public transit will be extended to museums, galleries, cinemas and places of worship.

On Thursday, the government re-imposed restrictions on social life in a swath of northern England because of a surge in cases, barring households from visiting one another.

Scientists say they are no longer confident...

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As COVID-19 cases surge, L.A. librarians join the ranks of contact tracers

Lupie Leyva is good at tracking things down. A kind of detective, if you will.

She’s organized and meticulous, curious and tech-savvy. For the last nine years, it has served her well as senior librarian and manager at the Robert Louis Stevenson Branch Library in Boyle Heights, where no book — however obscure — can escape her once she’s on the case.

Now, Leyva is using those skills to help fight the spread of the coronavirus. The 46-year-old is doing contact tracing of people who have tested positive in an effort to reduce their chance of infecting others.

“The reason I volunteered for contact tracing is that it’s really the same thing” as being a librarian, Leyva said...

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دنور خشونت پلیس تاریخچه: 38 تکان دهنده در مورد میلیون ها نفر در بازده

طرح دعوی در دادگاه واصل این هفته توسط Killmer, Lane & Newman دفتر نمایندگی نفتالی اسرائیل ممکن است بیش از یک حادثه که در طی آن او و سه سابق برگزار شد در اسلحه توسط دنور افسران پلیس در خارج از محلی Safeway فروشگاه نیست یک سند مستقل. ثبت شده با آن یک نمایشگاه است که در خدمت به عنوان یک عملا تاریخچه بیش از حد زور توسط دنور اداره پلیس بیش از پانزده سال دوره و آن تجمعی تاثیر مشروع تکان دهنده است.

با پای چوبه دار, شوخی, وکیل دیوید لین اشاره به آن به عنوان “دنور greatest hits...

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قاضی ممنوعیت وکلا از شناسایی اپستاین قربانیان سوء استفاده

نیویورک (AP) — تازه unsealed دادگاه به اسناد و مدارک ارائه تازه نگاه اجمالی به شدید دادگاه مدنی مبارزه بین جفری اپستین دوست دختر سابق Ghislaine ماکسول و یکی از زنانی که متهم به زن و شوهر از سوء استفاده جنسی.

اسناد منتشر شده روز شنبه بودند از یک شرکت مستقر افترا طرح دعوی در دادگاه توسط یکی از اپستین مقتولین ویرجینیا رابرتز Giuffre.

Giuffre ادعا در کت و شلوار و دیگر دادخواهی ماکسول که استخدام او در سال 2000 به یک جنسی بنده به اپستاین...

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