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Art Attack: Eight Ways to See Art Live or Otherwise This Week

This week’s art happenings include high-profile solos, pop-ups, virtual talks with international artists, and the debut of four fabulous new exhibition spaces at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Wander through with us:

Colorado Muralist Gregg Deal at work on a wall.EXPAND

Colorado Muralist Gregg Deal at work on a wall.

Courtesy of Denver Biennial

Biennial of the Americas/Denver_portal: Murals or Social Activism
Virtual program on Facebook Live and YouTube
Thursday, September 24, 2 p.m.

The Biennial of the Americas makes up for a skipped year with its series of virtual programs between artists working across the Americas produced by Denver_portal. For its fifth foray, Murals and Social Activism, BotA brings together the trio of Colorado Springs-based artist Gregg Deal, Mexico City muralist Andre MX and Bolivian muralist Knorke Leaf ...

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No Charges for Man Who Drove Jeep Through Aurora Protest on I-225

Two months after a man drove his Jeep through a protest on Interstate 225 in Aurora, the district attorney of that jurisdiction just announced that the driver will not face charges.

“I don’t have that evidence here,” 18th Judicial District District Attorney George Brauchler said during a September 23 press conference as he discussed the incident and possible charges. “I just don’t see it.”

In announcing his decision, Brauchler delivered a presentation that included video footage, photos, statements and internal car data all related to what took place on the northbound lanes of I-225 on Saturday, July 25.

During that demonstration to honor the memory of Elijah McClain and protest federal law enforcement activities then taking place in Portland, protesters headed out onto I-225 and began ...

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Time Magazine Puts Megan Thee Stallion at Red Rocks on Its Cover

Look at the cover of Time magazine’s “The 100 Most Influential People of 2020,” and you’ll see Megan Thee Stallion standing in dirt in front of some weeds. But those aren’t just any weeds: The Houston rap sensation was photographed in front of Colorado’s most iconic venue, Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

The photo and the story’s accompanying video were shot when the rapper was in town early in September for a virtual performance sponsored by mobile-phone company Visible.

During this year of COVID-19, when most Red Rocks shows and music tours were canceled, the venue and the musician somehow made the cover of one of the world’s most prestigious magazine issues.

While it might be a shocker that Anthony Fauci or some other boring-looking figure fighting COVID-19 didn’t make the 2020 cover, Mega...

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Falcon Haptics Bridge the Chasm Between Metal and Nerd

Falcon: the perfect bird for metal. Knives on face and feet, all-seeing evil eyes. It’s a feathered, flying death machine that kills its prey without mercy. Haptics: The technology that makes your iPhone vibrate when you touch it. Not metal. Not metal at all.

A band called Falcon Haptics? Not exactly metal either, but the Denver outfit offers up eight tracks of space haze on its debut record, Run to the Sky. Once you hear it, you’ll say, “Yeah, the name fits,” but you won’t exactly know why.

“It’s so hard to name a band,” drummer Tyler Lindgren says. “Nowadays, I like to think of like 400 things and 399 of them are taken and the other one sucks. You have to get creative. Especially, in metal, like where it’s so blood drenched and all that stuff...

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Colorado Ties to Facebook Lawsuit Over Kenosha Protest Murder

Denver-based attorney and Westword profile subject Jason Flores-Williams is behind a potential blockbuster lawsuit against Facebook related to the August 25 murder of Anthony Huber by alleged gunman Kyle Rittenhouse during protests over the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin. And while the complaint doesn’t deal directly with counter-protesters tied to violent militias in Denver, Flores-Williams says that some of the abuses that happened in Wisconsin have also taken place here — and he’s ready to take action against them, too.

“We’re monitoring everything to see what the militia’s next moves in Colorado will be in regard to trying to repress protests — and then we’ll file in Colorado,” he maintains. “It’s almost inevitable.”

The lead plaintiff in the suit, filed in the Eastern...

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Boulder Ramping Up Enforcement Amid COVID-19 Student Outbreaks

Boulder has become Colorado’s epicenter of COVID-19 concerns. The rising number of cases at the University of Colorado Boulder, including spikes at dormitories and multiple Greek houses, prompted administrators to switch from on-campus instruction to remote learning for at least two weeks starting today, September 23. And while the numbers have begun to moderate in recent days, Governor Jared Polis made CU Boulder’s problems a centerpiece of his September 22 press conference about big increases in novel coronavirus transmission since Labor Day.

Against this backdrop, the City of Boulder has made some major moves involving enforcement of safety protocols implemented to combat the disease.

On September 16, officials issued a mandatory self-quarantine order for a duplex at 1125 10th Street t...

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بهترین کتاب ها برای کودکان و بزرگسالان

در صفحه اول کتاب “مردم روی زمین” نوشته شده است: “کتاب دانشگاهی پیشنهاد به کسانی که همه ساکنان زمین را دوست دارند”. همین موضوع انگیزه من برای خواندن آن شد.

این کتاب که نسخه اصلی آن کتاب دانشگاهی در سال 1927 منتشر شده است ، با همکاری انجمن حافظان و به زبان ساده و جملات کوتاه ، اما با معانی عمیق و واقعی ، به فارسی ترجمه شده است و از انسانهای پراکنده در سراسر زمین می گوید. تصاویر زنده کتاب از تنوع رنگ ، شکل و تنوع افراد روی زمین حکایت دارد و در پایان خواننده فکر می کند که زمین با چه سخاوت ، طیف متنوعی از افکار ، ایده ها و دیدگاه ها را دیده و دیده است...

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Hit the Road and Go for the Gold This Weekend

After one long, hot summer, it’s finally autumn…and we can fight off the COVID-19 blues by going for the gold.

For those who are not native to Colorado and fondly recall the riotous autumnal displays of their home states, the obsession with the relatively monochromatic fall foliage of the Rocky Mountains — leaves turning from green to gold to gone — might take years to understand…much less appreciate.

During my early days as a photographer at the Rocky Mountain News, I overheard one editor call a source in Pitkin County in early September and ask: “How’s your ass been? No change yet? Give it another week? Thanks.” Click.

“Seems like a very personal question,” I thought to myself.

The next week, the light dawned as I was sent west to capture the best photos I could of ...

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CDOT’s Stoned Driving Message Faces Uphill Climb

The Colorado Department of Transportation continues to warn drivers about the dangers of driving under the influence of marijuana, but state data shows that Coloradans may not be getting the message.

Although studies show that driving under the influence of marijuana isn’t the same as driving drunk, research has also concluded that being stoned can acutely impair driving-related skills and cognitive functions. For CDOT, that’s plenty of reason to avoid driving, but public surveys show that too many marijuana users continue to believe that driving high isn’t dangerous despite numerous public-awareness campaigns saying otherwise.

The department’s newest effort against driving stoned took that into consideration when creating “Uncomfortable High” a new CDOT campaign developed using three y...

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Head to Pueblo This Weekend — or Create Your Own Green Chile Festival

One of Denver’s signature rites of fall is visiting a roadside stand to stock up on roasted chiles for the winter — and then, back home, hunching over the kitchen counter for hours, ideally with plenty of cold beers on hand, peeling and seeding the deep-green pods to prepare them for the freezer.

No matter how long the process takes or how many beers you consume, the result — a few bulging Ziploc bags — never seems like enough. That brimming basket or mesh sack you picked out at your favorite stall or market looked so big when you bought it, and the plastic bag you got from the roaster felt ready to burst and spill its hot, smoky contents across the gravel lot. But by the time you load up the freezer, the haul doesn’t look like enough to get you through the end of football season.

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