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The Equinox Sessions Celebrates Black Artists in a Virtual Concert Series

During this tumultuous year, the world is more in need of joy and music than ever. So Lady Cactus Media, a community-funded media collective, and Quiet Moon, an events collective, have launched the Equinox Sessions. The video series, showcasing backyard performances by three Black musicians, celebrates the transition from summer into fall.

“Early on in the pandemic, my heart just exploded for everyone,” Quiet Moon founder Amanda Gonulsen says. “I was giving weekly donations wherever I could, but then when all this social justice stuff came up, I thought it shouldn’t just be money.” She wanted to create a sense of community and support artists.

For the video series, each artist will be paid, and Gonulsen will match their rate with a donation to a cause they care about...

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Ask a Stoner: Can I Give CBD to My Hamster?

Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.

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Courtney Whitehead Thought He Was Sad; Turns Out It Was Lyme Disease

By any measure, Courtney Whitehead’s journey through the Denver music scene has been a successful one — even if the Bison Bone frontman felt terrible through much of it.

For the past decade, Whitehead has struggled with increasingly debilitating bouts of poor health, as well as anxiety, insomnia and depression, all of which affected his overall quality of life and his ability to tour. His affliction remained a mystery until about a year and a half ago; the diagnosis was Lyme disease, a bacterial infection caused by tick bites. It’s a nasty illness that can go undetected for years and is often mistaken for other maladies.

“That’s just kind of Western-medicine stuff, trying to get this diagnosed,” Whitehead says. “They can’t find it doing test after test after test...

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Betty Hart Brings New Energy to the Colorado Theatre Guild

Betty Hart, who has just been elected president of the Colorado Theatre Guild board, is highly respected as an actor, director and organizer. Most recently, she created two video compendia for the Arvada Center titled Amplify: Black Artists Speak. The first series of three included fifteen male actors, the second fifteen women. In both, the technical and performance quality were high and the direction skillful. Hart is a facilitator for Kaiser Permanente’s Experiential Learning Team for Arts Integrated Resources, and has directed and performed in both contemporary and classical drama. But she takes over the CTG at a difficult time,when local theaters are closed, experimenting with outside performances and video productions, or cautiously reopening for in-person shows...

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Hops & Pie’s Nightly Specials Beat Standard Happy Hours

With the volatile Colorado weather threatening our precious patio season, I’m scrambling to drink up my outdoor seating while it lasts. Creatively redesigned sidewalks, verges, streetways, parking lots: These have been the funky silver lining to the restaurant scene during the pandemic. The long-loved Hops & Pie in the Berkeley neighborhood has made brilliant use of a wide-open parking lot set with spaced-out tables that give it a quaint urban picnic feel, making its normally appetizing combo of pizza and craft beer all the more enticing.

In addition to offering one of the best spots on Tennyson Street for dining outdoors, Hops & Pie maintains its list of deals throughout the week and weekend. More than a happy hour, many of these run all evening after 5 p.m...

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COVID-19: Colorado May Be Among Top Ten States for Virus Transmission

During a somber September 22 press conference about the continuing impact of COVID-19 in Colorado, Governor Jared Polis cited data showing a significant rise in cases, led by infections among college students but including every other demographic. He also referenced national projections showing that Colorado is currently among the top ten states for virus transmission — data he called “alarming.”

According to Polis, the current figures are similar to “the warning sign in July,” when a spike in cases followed the Independence Day weekend. “We were able to correct course then,” he added. “Generally, what we’re doing is working. We just need to do it a little better.”

The gathering began with a moment of silence to acknowledge the U.S...

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Cory Gardner: Supreme Court Move an Exploding Grenade, Pundit Says

Late yesterday, September 21, following a not-so-subtle nudge by President Donald Trump, Colorado Senator Cory Gardner announced that he would support the nomination of a Supreme Court justice before the November election in order to fill the seat opened by the September 18 passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

By doing so, Gardner, who’s facing an uphill race for re-election against former Governor John Hickenlooper, directly contradicted a stance he took in a similar circumstance just four years ago, opening himself up to charges of crass, politically expedient flip-flopping. But political consultant and columnist Eric Sondermann thinks that any choice Gardner made would likely have blown up in his face.

“It’s a worst-case scenario in either situation,” Sondermann says...

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Colorado’s Caffeine Crawl Looks Different in Its Tenth Year

Despite many event cancellations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado’s tenth annual Caffeine Crawl is set to take place this Friday, September 25, and Saturday, September 26, in Golden, Greeley, Grand Junction, Longmont/Lafayette and Loveland/Fort Collins.

The Caffeine Crawl events, organized by Kansas City-based company The LAB, take place in multiple cities across the country throughout the year. Denver was one of the original locations in 2011, but other Front Range cities like Fort Collins and Boulder have since been added to the rotation. Because of the pandemic, The LAB decided to take a different approach this year by scheduling multiple crawls in smaller cities, with fewer stops and a limited number of tickets to allow for a safer, more controlled experience...

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Homelessness Crosses Borders: It’s a Challenge for Metro Denver

On the last Tuesday of August, Byron Shaw and Corbin Hughes kept walking around a fence that separated an apartment complex parking lot from a field near Expo Park in Aurora, looking for a way in.

The two outreach workers with Mile High Behavioral Healthcare, a local nonprofit that specializes in working with the homeless, were trying to reach a tent that had been set up in the field. Neighbors had called Aurora officials to let them know that three children and a father were camping out in the tent; the city had contacted Mile High Behavioral Healthcare.

Shaw and Hughes were there to see if they could help. But when they finally reached the tent, a young man came over from by the fence and yelled at them to get away.

After they told the man why they were there, his temper cooled; he ex...

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Colorado Pot Prices Reach Three-Year High, Up 25 Percent Since July

Have you noticed higher prices at the pot shop? According to new state data on marijuana transactions, you’re not alone. Wholesale marijuana prices in Colorado have jumped almost 25 percent since July, according to the state Department of Revenue.

The DOR’s latest average market rate, based on retail marijuana transactions from June through August, calculates the median market price for a pound of marijuana flower every few months. The report, released September 21, tallies the price per pound at $1,316, up more than 24 percent since July. Marijuana trim prices increased nearly 15 percent per pound, to $350, the DOR notes, and seeds doubled in cost, from $4 to $8 each.

In January 2019, the median price per pound of flower was $781, less than 60 percent of what it’s listed at today.


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